Equipment Catalogue

Browse these pages to see over 20 different products. Send in your McCAIN frozen vegetables and Purely Potato barcodes to build up points. Approved registered primary schools can login (at the top of each webpage) and redeem barcode points for the equipment shown. Don't forget to read the Terms & Conditions page.

  • 1250 Points


    For garden use. Sturdy 78L capacity. Collect at Mitre10.

    210 items remaining

  • 300 Points

    Organic Soil

    Enrich garden beds. 20 Litres. Collect from Mitre10.

    700 items remaining

  • 350 Points

    Liquid Fertiliser

    For strong, healthy growth. Collect from Mitre10.

    1100 items remaining

  • 1500 Points

    Raised Garden Bed

    Easy to assemble (1.35m x 1.35m). Collect at Mitre10.

    123 items remaining

  • 1800 Points

    Portable Water Tank

    Move water to where you need it. Collect at Mitre10.

    150 items remaining

  • 250 Points

    Water Saving Mulch

    Holds water for longer. 30 Litres. Collect at Mitre10.

    250 items remaining

  • 1000 Points

    Compost Bin

    Create compost on site. Re-use, recycle! Collect from Mitre10.

    240 items remaining

  • 150 Points

    Potato Hessian Bag

    Grow your potatoes in this handy sack!

    1500 items remaining

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