Composting is a practice that has been carried out for many many years. The term vermicompost refers to the product of composting utilizing various species of worms including red wigglers, white worms, and earthworms. Together these worms work together to create a mixture of decomposing vegetables and food waste, bedding materials and 'vermicast' also known as worm manure. Once all of the organic matter has been broken down by the worms the worm manure left is the end product that famers use to naturally nourish their crops and produce natural fruit and vegetables for people to eat. 

What is our school doing to help?
As a school Ecotown Primary are working on creating and managing their very own wormfarm. With the money raised from the garage sale and sustainable fashion show students will be working together to purchase the essential tools to start their wormfarming project. Essentially, the compost produced in the worm farm will be used to fertilize the schools new vegetable garden. Some vegetables grown in the vegetable garden such as carrots, celery and strawberries will be sold at the school canteen for students to purchase and other vegetables such as lettuce and tomato will be used in childrens lunch order sandwhiches thus promoting healthy eating. We are striving towards a more sustainable way of producing healthy food for our school community.Click on the link below to learn more about creating your own worm farm!wrm.jpgHow to Create a Worm Farm.

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