Create our own Veggie Patch´╗┐´╗┐

Will you make a good vegetable picker? Lets get started with a bit of fun! Vegetable Picking Game!Ecotown Primary School are striving towards creating their very own vegetable garden in the schoolyard. Students will be using the money fundraised through the garage sale and fashion show to purchase the essential tools needed to create this garden. There are a number of benefits of creating your very own vegetable garden. Let us look at some of the advantages below:1. It encourages the use of composting.Click to learn more:The Benefits of Composting


2. It allows us to produce and eat our own organic vegetables which means we reduce the amount of vegetables we purchase from stores and thus reduce the amount of production of vegetables that are grown with the use of pesticides that destroy the ozonelayer. Click to learn more:The Effects of Pesticides on the
3. Creating a school vegetable garden promotes a better understanding of the different components involved in planting vegetables in the garden. Most people are unaware of the importance of WHEN to plant certain vegetables, HOW to plant certain vegetables and even the fact that particular vegetables repel specific pest-like bugs that can potentially destroy the vegetables. Click to learn more:

For more information on planting your own vegetable garden in your school click on the link below:

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