The Quest!

At Ecotown Primary School, we are looking at ways that we can make our school, and our community, a more sustainable environment. A recent idea put forward by the students was to make a vegie patch, and a worm farm, so that the canteen can use these vegetables for school lunches. The only problem is, we need to raise the money for this project ourselves! Quite often, fundraising drives are not done in the most economically or ecologically sustainable way. Chocolate fundraisers create a lot of waste, not to mention they are bad for our health, and school fetes often use a lot of power.

As a school, we would like to use this fundraiser as an opportunity to increase awareness about sustainability and change the way that future generations think about consumption and conservation. This WebQuest has been created with that in mind. It has been designed to take you on a journey of rediscovery, to change the way that you think about the things around you, the things that we buy, the things that we use, and how we can consume sustainably in today's consumer society.

To realise our goals and make a vegie patch and worm farm, we must raise the money in a sustainable way. This can be done by reusing what has already been made to raise funds, meaning that we are not wasting more resources making new products, but instead finding a new use for already made products. To get you thinking about consumption and how we can find new uses for old products, we will conduct a school audit, then you will conduct an audit at home (with parental supervision) to find products that you no longer use, and would like to repurpose. These products will be remodelled, if necessary, and sold in a school garage sale. Prior to the garage sale, students who have clothing that they want to repurpose can modify and style them in a 'Sustainable Fashion Show'.

All funds raised will be used to buy materials for the vegie patch and worm farm, but it is up to you, the students, to decide how successful this fundraiser will be.

School Audit

Home Audit

Repurposing Old Products

Sustainable Fashion Show

Worm Farm

Vegie Patch