Teacher's Resources for Sustainability in the Curriculum


Sustainability has been incorporated into the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) in the 'Cross-Curricular Perspectives' domain. Sustainability is considered to be an important set of concepts, values and principles applied in everyday life that should be explored at school in association with the various subjects in the curriculum. Education of sustainability is made up of several main categories; ecological sustainability, economic sustainability, and socio-cultural sustainability. Each of these categories cover many specific topics, such as habitat, ecological footprint, eco-efficiency, and so on. Each VELS level targets a different range of sustainable concepts.

Sustainable consumption falls into VELS level 4, in the economic sustainability category. The VELS website suggests that Economic sustainability can be explored in the following domains; design, creativity and technology, health and physical education, and the humanities (both in economics and geography). The activites outlined in this WebQuest cover design, creativity, and technology, and the humanities - economics.

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VELS - Sustainability