School Audit


How is Ecotown Primary promoting sustainability?
We have decided to raise money for the worm farm and vegie patch in a sustainable way. One way we can do this is by repurposing and selling items around the school and the house that we no longer use or need. To do this efficiently, and to get us thinking about how we use the things that we buy and to decide whether we really need them, we will conduct a school audit. As a class we will go around the school with our audit sheets to find the things that we think can be repurposed. These may include old blackboards, basketball nets, and so on. As we go about the school, we will discuss how we could repurpose old items to make them into something else so that we don't have to buy it from a shop. This reduces waste, pollution caused by production, and encourages reusing and recycling.

´╗┐´╗┐Home Audit Sheet
Below is an audit sheet that you can use while we move about the school. You will receive another audit sheet to take home so that you can do a home audit.