Before you throw out another top, towel, old tyre, toy, or anything for that matter, think about whether this item can be reused, either in its original form, or if you make a few changes. Reusing old things is a great way of reducing waste, and we can reuse anything from old newspapers to mouse pads. Watch this clip.

What if I cant find a new use for an old item?
The first thing you can do if you are undecided about an items reusability is to check with your parents and friends. Getting another persons point of view can often spark up a discussion and lead to new ideas. If you are still stuck for ideas, you can try going online and googling 'reuse + yout item'. Often you will find that if you have thought about trying to reuse something, somebody else probably has too. Finally, if you are still not satisfied, you may wish to donate it to a charity like the Salvation Army (if it is in good condition).

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