Now that you have completed the Home and School Audits, you will have a good idea of what kind of items you want to re-purpose or remodel. If you have any items of clothing, now is the time to get a start on preparing them for the Sustainable Fashion Show. If you have other items, such as toys, books, and so on, you will need to prepare them for the Garage Sale which will take place after the fashion parade. Check out some of the links below to give you some inspiration for hat you would like to do, and discuss with your classmates. Note: all clothing alterations must be able to be carried out using needle and thread, fabric glue, or by attaching

Re-Purpose Clothing
  • Check out this link to see how you can give new life to an old t-shirtcoach_carvey_cartoon[1].jpgT-Shirt Surgery

  • Check out this link to see how you can use old items of clothing to make something completely different
    Old Clothes Made New

  • View the 'Restyling and Repurposing' section of this page for some inspiring ideas
    Restyle Old Clothing

Repurpose Other Items
  • For ideas about how to transform board games, puzzles, posters, and shower curtains click on the link below
Crafty Ideas
Once you have got some ideas for what you would like to do, set up a sewing group, or a remodelling group and work together to produce quality products to present to your friends and family at the Sustainable Fashion Show and garage sale.

Here is a quick and easy video of a t-shirt transformation!