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Why reduce our waste?

When we don't follow the 3R's, we hurt the environment and the animals that live in it. By reducing our waste and recycling plastic, paper and glass, we can work towards a cleaner world. We will have cleaner air, rivers and oceans, and reduce the effects of climate change. To find out more about waste reduction, click on the link below.
Facts About Waste

How can we reduce our waste?

There are many ways that we can reduce waste at home, in the supermarket, in the classroom and even in the playground at school. Below are just a few ideas about how you can reduce waste, have a think about how you can reduce waste everyday.

Reduce waste at home
  • Store foods in reusable containers in the fridge
  • Only buy fresh food products in the supermarket that are free of packaging (i.e. they can be bought loose)
  • Use all natural cleaning products, such as citrus or vinegar, that don't come in wasteful packaging

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Reduce waste at school
  • Bring your lunch to school in reusable containers instead of disposable plastic or aluminium packaging
  • Use chalkboard or whiteboards instead of paper to write down your ideas for english assignments
  • Have a packaging free school canteen

Click on the link below to see more ways to reduce waste at home
Waste Reduction fact sheet for your home (66.15kb)

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