What is recycling?

By transforming waste materials into useable resources, recycling reduces landfill and conserves resources, provides a way to manage solid waste while reducing pollution, conserving energy, creating jobs and building more competitive manufacturing industries.


How Can I Recycle?
A lot of our garbage can be recycled. The usual recyclable materials include glass, aluminium, steel, PET plastic, HDPE plastic, paper, and light cardboard. These can be placed in our recycling bins, or larger items can be taken to recycling plants or community drop off centres. At school we can sort and recycle most of the waste that we produce, even some food scraps can be composted! Recycling is the final stage of the 3R's. Whatever cannot be initially reduced, or reused, should then be considered for recycling.

Think about the things that you throw into the bin on a daily basis, and consider if these can be recycled. Click on the link below to help Anita learn about how she can Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle:
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